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4 Shocking Truths About Supermarket Shampoos
4 Shocking Truths About Supermarket Shampoos

Bad hair days should be a thing of the past, so why are we finding ourselves getting more frustrated in our search for the perfect shampoo? Walking up and down the aisles in the supermarket trying to find the best deal on a shampoo could be a complete waste of time if you really want to get the best for your hair. Cheap shampoos on the supermarket shelves lack the ingredients that we need for optimum hair health and contain some ingredients that we really don’t want on our locks.

Here at Cel, we’ve put together a list of reasons you should think about ditching those cheap shampoos and opting for a premium, nourishing formula instead.

1. Imitating a cleanse

The purpose of any shampoo is to clean your hair. But what if we told you that a large number of supermarket shampoos aren’t actually cleaning it at all? You see, they often contain silicone, which gives your hair a temporary shine (so it looks squeaky clean), but it's, in fact, dulling your hair over a long period of time.

Silicones are polymers made up of oxygen silicon atoms and are often used to make rubbers and plastics. Silicone mimics the shine by forming a layer around the hair, but this prevents any natural moisture from getting in, leaving the hair to dry out. Silicone stays in the hair even after you’ve washed it and can be quite tricky to remove, especially if you bake it into the hair with heated styling tools such as blow dryers. The build-up of silicones can weigh hair down and cause it to look and feel greasy, making you want to wash it again after a day or two! With top quality shampoos, you shouldn’t feel a need to wash it so often. Quality over quantity is certainly the case!

2. Instead of moisturising, it's drying it out!

Most supermarket shampoos claim to nourish and moisturise your hair using a symphony of oils and magic ingredients. In reality, many contain a damaging amount of sulphates. There are two types of sulphates commonly found in shampoos, as well as toothpaste and body washes: sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).

When put into shampoos, sulphates (SLS in particular) are there to make the product lather up and clean the scalp of any built-up dirt and oil on the top of your head. However, many shampoos will add too many sulphates which strips the scalp of the beneficial oils it needs, leaving hair dry and brittle. This dries out the hair and the skin on your scalp - causing dandruff and other scalp issues!

For people with sensitive skin, sulphates can cause irritation, such as redness, inflammation, and itching on the scalp and face. You will find that the cheaper supermarket shampoos contain more sulphates than the pricier shampoos on the market - after all, you really do get what you pay for!

Sulphates in the cheaper supermarket shampoos are not only drying your hair out but are also making it frizzy!

3. Stripping of colour

If your hair has been colour-treated, you will find that the harsher ingredients (including sulphates) found in supermarket shampoos are stripping your hair of the colour much faster than sulphate-free shampoos. The reason this happens is that when you dye your hair, you need to keep it moisturised to retain that new colour. Many off-the-shelf shampoos will claim that they can get rid of impurities, but this actually strips colour by allowing more water to penetrate the strand.

Coloured hair is already vulnerable to being dryer than non-coloured hair, so ensuring you look after it is extremely important. Find a shampoo that moisturises your hair, and make sure you condition the hair after to make the dye last as long as possible!

CEL’s Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner are sulphate free, as well as paraben free and enriched with the expert formula of Ginseng Stem Cells for the ultimate hair and scalp nutrition. If you’re looking for hair care that will give you long term benefits, we're confident you'll love it! We’re so sure it’s the best on the market that we even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. False promises

Although some brands may use organic or natural ingredients, they might be filling out the bottle with water to allude to better value for money. This not only gives you less of the good stuff, but it also means you need to use a lot more at once when washing your hair! So essentially, you’re using up the bottle way faster than high-quality shampoos. Not only that – because of the diluted ingredients, you’ll need to wash your hair more often. Just think, investing in a good quality shampoo with more concentrated ingredients could save you so much time (and water!) Washing your hair more than necessary is damaging to your hair because you are washing away the natural oils your hair glands produce. For the sake of your hair, and the environment, treat it to a more nutritious shampoo!

Final Thoughts

Paying for high-quality shampoo is an investment in your hair - an investment worth making! And don't fear, there is a reason for the price difference. The expert research and specifically chosen ingredients have been put into these products to ensure we can all experience a good hair day, every day. Don't tolerate bad quality products anymore! Supermarket shampoos may seem good value for money, but, in fact, could damage your locks, cost you more in frequent colouring, and even crank up the expense of your water bill!






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