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6 Things You Need To Know Before Changing Your Hair Colour At Home!

Stuck at home, hair colour needs a change...we've been there. But you need to know how to look after your tresses before you buy that hair dye you've got your eye on!

With the hair salon’s shut to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it may be tempting to hop on some YouTube tutorials and readdress your roots.

However, before you do, it may be worth taking a breath and making sure you know how it all works and what to consider before sitting at the sink. Here are 6 steps you need to take before you delve into the world of colour-changing hair dye.

Prep like a pro

So you’ve done your grocery shop or online cosmetics order and picked out your new colour. It’s imperative to not only appreciate the new shade but properly study the box. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

Carrying out a patch test is also vital because even if you consider the chance slim, you don't want to run the risk of putting it all over your head to then realise you've had an allergic reaction to the hair dye (and sometimes a dye reaction can be super serious)!

short pink hair

Check your commitment levels

Do your roots really need doing… Or are you just bored in quarantine? Remember to factor in how much upkeep you're willing to do, as your country’s lockdown period may currently be indefinite.

If you want to commit, then there are a large range of permanent colours out there and some semi-permanent for those of you who don't want to commit for quite so long. If you're unsure or new to self-dying, going semi-permanent first means you'll be happier to commit to permanent colour if you like it!

You might be reading this because you fancy mixing up your look but haven’t coloured your hair before, so maybe choose a “Wash-In-Wash-Out” or colour spray/chalk that you can easily find on the market. This means you can experiment with colours you like, and it'll be gone in a couple of days!

Factor in your skin tone

You may think you only really have to consider your natural colour when choosing your new hair dye but its actually really important to note what skin tone you have, too.

Now without the advice of your hairdresser, knowing your undertone is vital. It’s the difference between a colour looking amazing on you or washing you out. You're either cool or warm-toned and the easiest way to know is to look at your wrist. Check your veins, and if they appear green-ish, you're warm-toned, and if they're blue-ish, you're cool-toned.

So, what colour should I dye my hair?

If you're cool-toned, avoid super-dark shades that could be too harsh on your face and make you look sallow. For those with warm tones, you can go for rich, dark tones, but anything too light might not look quite as flattering. But hey, rules are there to be broken right? Lockdown life is a great time to play with your shade because if it goes wrong, no one’s going to know!

Get the kit right

It's important to look after your colour, even after you dye it by switching the shampoo you use to a colour-protecting one. By switching over you can maximise vibrancy and prevent the hair from having the colour stripped out.

Where possible, avoid shampoo and conditioner with sulphates in them. Sulphates are foaming agents that can cause the colour to fade faster, as they're harsher on your hair. Cel’s Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner is paraben and sulphate-free and totally safe for colour-treated hair. Check it out!

Match your makeup

Now you've decided on a colour, you might want to experiment with your makeup a little bit too. With lockdown living, you may have a little more time on your hands so this is a great time to play with your make-up!

If you've gone darker, adding a bronzer will warm your complexion and stop your darker shades from washing you out. If you've gone lighter, this calls for a bolder blush to pop a flush of colour in your cheeks.

Is your new shade is a little out there? Then the world is your oyster! Play around, use similar colours in your makeup, or go for something contrasting. Have yourself a little Instagram shoot and use this opportunity to go for it with your look!

blue hair

But you've been warned...

Dyeing your hair can really damage your hair. If you don't look after it properly with the right products, it could lead to dry hair and breakage, and even hair loss if not cared for properly over a long period.

But don’t let this put you off! By making sure you use products that will restore any damaged hair and encourage regrowth where it's needed, you can safely experiment with whatever colour you choose!

Cel's Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner has been formulated to not only encourage growth but also help to strengthen the hair you have already. It will provide your hair with essential proteins to ensure new hair grows stronger and lasts longer. Use it before and after hair dying so you can continually look after your hair and prevent the dye from damaging it.

Final thoughts

Hair colour should be fun, and when it comes to revamping your colour during quarantine, just remember that you can always grow it out and use social distancing to your advantage if it doesn’t go your way! Even permanent colour won't last forever! So experiment, have fun and see where the next hair-dyeing adventure will take you...

As we learn more about the behaviour of the COVID-19 virus, information is constantly being updated around how to support the fight against it via your personal hygiene routine. Stay up to date with coronavirus advice on the NHS Website.



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