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7 Skin-Saving Tips To Get A Winter Glow

Protect your skin this winter, and give it that desired glow!

With the cold days of winter, comes the stress of dry skin for many. It seems that no matter how much you moisturise your skin, there are cracks and dry patches, and they just won’t go away!

Here’s why this happens: The air is drier because of the lack of moisture and humidity that you’d get in warmer weather. So skin, which is susceptible to environmental changes, also lacks moisture, which makes it thinner and dehydrated. When the skin is in this condition, it’s harder for the skin to fight off bacteria, making you more prone to breakouts, as well as signs of ageing.

That’s why it is so important to know how to care for your skin in the coming months! It sometimes seems impossible, but there are easy changes you can make so that your skin stays glowing and hydrated, even on the coldest and driest of wintery days...

1. Shower Matters

Of course, when you’re feeling cold, it’s natural to want to have a hot shower or steamy bubble bath to warm you up. But there’s a serious problem with this.

Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, which is the opposite of what you want when your skin is already suffering from a lack of moisture. Long, hot showers or baths will only dry out the skin more, creating cracks and flakes!

To keep your skin from drying out, it’s best to use warm water in the cold months, rather than scalding hot. And, minimise the time spent in water to no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

We also suggest that you moisturise your skin while it is still damp because the skin is more able to trap the moisture in. Dab yourself, rather than rub, with a towel, and apply your moisturiser straight away.

2. Oils & Serums

For deeper hydration, oils and serums can work wonders! The deep hydration they give can protect your skin, particularly when the weather is cold. Applying them when your skin is slightly damp will help the skin to capture the moisture it’s providing, leaving you with optimal hydration!

Certain oils even provide you with nutrients. These nutrients can help to reduce inflammation and repair dry, damaged skin, as well as protecting it against free radicals.

For more sensitive areas of skin, especially on the face, serums can brighten the skin tone and amend discolouration. In the winter, skin tends to look duller, so use serums to give you a winter glow. Applying good quality serums can deplete the appearance of dark circles and dry patches, by deeply hydrating the skin, helping it to regenerate new skin cells.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

Dry, cold air causes the skin to lose water, leaving you with dry, flaky skin. Not only does it feel rough, but it also leaves skin looking lacklustre. When the skin flakes and cracks, it accumulates dead skin cells, which in turn obstructs the skin from absorbing any moisture you’re applying.

Exfoliating the skin with a gentle exfoliator will revive the skin by ridding of the dry flakes and allowing the skin’s surface to absorb moisture. Choose one that suits your skin type, and always try to stay away from abrasive scrubs and peels. When rinsing your face, use warm water instead of hot water. The harsher the exfoliant and the hotter the water, the more you’re stripping your skin!

You should exfoliate no more than twice a week – exfoliating too much can actually harm your skin. It removes the natural oils, leaving it more dry, and more prone to irritation that already comes from the cold, dry weather.

4. Use SPF Every Single Day

The UV rays from the sun are the number one culprit for wrinkles and ageing skin, but it’s also responsible for drying out the skin.

We know that when it’s sunny and hot outside we should apply sunscreen, but it’s just as important to protect your skin on those days with clouds overhead. The sun’s rays don’t necessarily change with the temperature, so your routine shouldn’t change either!

Find a face moisturiser that contains SPF in it and apply it before heading out for the day.

5. Humidifiers Can Save Your Skin

The problem with winter is the dry air, and the heaters that warm up your home or office don’t help. Instead of using air vents that blast out hot air, try adding a humidifier to your house or workplace. They supply you with moisture and humidity into the air, which helps your skin stay hydrated and more able to retain moisture!

Seeing as the winter is a time of sniffly noses and dry coughs, humidifiers are also a great way to clear the nasal passages and clear the throat. If you find that you’re feeling under the weather this winter, a humidifier could be the answer!

6. Take Time To Relax

One of the worst ways to exacerbate skin conditions, ranging from dry winter skin to existing conditions such as psoriasis, is to allow stress to take over you. Stress releases the hormone, Cortisol, which causes inflammation. Add this to your already dry skin, and your skin will be crying for some TLC! Inflammation doesn’t only irritate the skin, it can also damage your immune system’s capabilities, leaving you more vulnerable to illnesses and skin imperfections.

Taking time out for yourself is essential to looking and feeling healthy this winter. Give yourself a break after the busy season! Getting more sleep and switching off from work will undoubtedly aid your health.

7. Drink Water

Hydrating yourself from the inside is key. It’s tempting to drink a tea or coffee when it’s cold outside, but avoid overdoing it on the hot drinks. Caffeinated drinks can be a dehydrator, and the first place you’ll see excessive coffee consumption is often on the face, especially around the eyes.

That doesn’t mean you should stop drinking your morning coffee! But make sure you’re also drinking enough water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Water will help your skin retain the moisture you’re providing, and help you to look and feel healthier!

Final Thoughts

Our skin needs as much care in the winter as it does at other times of the year - you might just need to make little changes in your daily routine. Hydration and protection are vital to keeping your skin looking and feeling amazing, so you can't deprive your skin just because it's cold and grey outside!

Don't let the cold weather get you and your skin down, because by following these 7 simple skincare tips, you can achieve the winter glow!



Clara Hallifax

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