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What’s The Best Beard Oil For Me?

What Does Beard Oil Do? And How To Choose One!


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Summary: In this blog we detail and explore how to choose a beard oil. We’ll discuss what beard oil does, look at beard balm vs oil, and how to determine the best beard oil for your beard. Read on for the ultimate guide to choosing beard oil….


It’s a beard renaissance right now! The beard really has made a name for itself recently (not that it ever went anywhere!), but the facial hair product industry has boomed the past few years! Nurturing your beard is now not only a popular conversation and a competitive market, but deemed an essential part of any facial hair owner’s self-care routine. 

So, if you’re donning a beard, you may be wondering what products you need to keep it in check… And, the one that springs to mind more often than not is a beard oil. 

But, what does beard oil do? And, is it worth the hype? Where do you even start when choosing one? Here at Cel, we’ve got you covered! Welcome to our ultimate beard oil guide…

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil isn’t new, but the phenomenon around it is. Essentially, beard oil is an oil-based, often serum-like product that you apply directly to your beard’s hair strands. Beard oil helps calm down frizz, adds moisture to help your beard feel soft, helps reduce dandruff and flaking and also prevents damage occurring to each lock (from the sun, the environment etc.). 

Beard oil’s popularity has grown not only because we want to feel proud of our beards, but also because it clearly does make a difference to the quality of the beard. It can help the beard stay hydrated and feel soft (which may also be welcome on your partner’s face when puckering up for a kiss!), and it can also help preserve the overall health, and thus appearance of the beard. It can additionally help make styling easier too.

So, you’re interested in upping your beard care regime and want to try a beard oil, but what’s the best beard oil for you? 

How Do I Know Which Is The Best Beard Oil For Me?

When buying a beard oil, there are a few things to consider. 

What Do You Want From Your Beard Oil?

By introducing beard oil to your daily self-care routine, you need to know what you want to achieve. If your beard’s dry, you’ll want a hydrating beard oil. If you want a thicker, longer beard and need to encourage growth, you’ll need to research ones that target hair growth and are formulated with the right ingredients. Clarifying your needs will help you narrow down your search.

What’s Your Beard’s Texture And Thickness?

How thick and full is your beard and what’s it’s texture? The coarser the hair, the richer the formula your beard oil will need to be because coarse hair has a harder time retaining moisture than fine hair does. Thicker hair will also need a denser formula because there’s more surface area to penetrate than thin hair. This is a big factor to consider when choosing your beard oil. 

What Do You Want Your Beard To Smell Like?

Some beard oil’s proudly label themselves as “unscented” and that’s because the scent of a beard oil might interfere with the scent of your cologne (and let’s face it, good cologne is expensive so you don’t want to mask it!). However, if cologne isn’t your thing, you may want to investigate scented beard oils and learn whether the scent is developed with essential oils or whether the fragrance has been synthetically made. 

Some fragrant ingredients can cause allergic reactions, so if you know you’re allergic to a certain ingredient, make sure to check the formula content list carefully before applying. 

What’s Your Budget For Beard Oil?

The price of beard oil can really vary dependent on the brand, where the ingredients are sourced from, and what the ingredients used are. It will also depend on the bottle size. As this is a daily product, budget is worth considering. Check out a few brands and their product reviews to gauge an idea of prices and what feels like a good, manageable amount for you to pay regularly. Remember, the bigger bottles may seem more expensive but does mean that you shouldn’t need to re-purchase as regularly if you invest in the larger size.

Why Are A Beard Oil’s Ingredients Important?

You are putting a beard oil on your face - the first place everyone else is likely to see and make a first impression of. What you’re putting on it is important, so you need to know the ingredients are of high-quality, are safe and healthy to use on the regular. The more natural the ingredients used in the formula are, the more nourishing they tend to be so prioritise this when searching for the best beard oil for you and your facial hair.

Beard Balm Or Oil: What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between a beard balm or oil? Well, a beard balm is actually great for those boasting a medium to large beard but also very useful for beard wearers who battle with dry skin. Beard balms take longer to absorb as they’re thicker in texture, so they sit on the skin and hair strands longer which helps aid in a more nourishing, longer lasting moisture. Beard balms can also help boost further shine. 

Beard balms are great if the skin beneath your beard needs some extra nourishment and hydration too, but that’s the main difference between a beard balm or oil. 

The only true way to find out if a product is for you is via trial and error. So, get researching and trying! You’ll find the perfect beard-nourishing partner in no time!

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