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Caffeine For Hair: Can Caffeine Help Hair Grow?
Caffeine For Hair: Can Caffeine Help Hair Grow?

Does Caffeine Help Hair Growth?


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Summary: In this blog we detail and explore whether caffeine can help your hair grow. We’ll learn how it may be possible, where to look for caffeine fuelled hair products and it’s relationship to hair loss too…


What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a stimulant and usually associated with the buzz you get from drinks like coffee, tea and other commercially made energy drinks. It stimulates the brain and central nervous system, helping it (and thus you) stay awake and alert.

It’s absorbed by the gut and put into the bloodstream. 80% of the world’s population consume a caffeinated product each and every day (and that figure rises to 90% locally in North America!)

Caffeine & Hair Loss: Does It Cause It?

If you’re drinking a lot of coffee or consuming a lot of caffeine and concerned it’s causing your hair loss or thinning, rest assured, it isn’t. Yes, drinking tons of coffee isn’t good for our health, but cannot be attributed to hair loss or balding - if anything, it does the opposite!

Caffeine & Hair Growth: How Does It Work?

Caffeine, in fact, can help promote hair growth. It actually has been seen to target Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the androgen hormone that’s known to cause hair loss and conditions like male or female pattern baldness.

Caffeine can actually counteract the activity of DHT, as it’s been seen to spur on the production of ATP (the energy of our biological cells) which can help keep hair follicles in an active growing phase, resulting in longer growth periods for the hair.

In addition, we must remember that caffeine is primarily a stimulant and this means it stimulates blood flow around the body - including to the scalp! Blood flow is important for the scalp, because that’s how the body delivers nutrients to different areas, including the scalp where your hair follicles are. Your hair follicles can’t grow hair without the right vitamins and minerals! Without the right nutrients (which isn’t helped by a bad diet), the scalp can become dry, experience thinning or develop full on hair loss.

Coffee can also help your hair appear shinier and smoother when applied topically via a hair rinse! Caffeine may dehydrate the body to a proven extent, but on hair it doesn’t strip it of it’s natural oils. So, it can in fact help hair strands lock in moisture and help create a natural-looking, shiny sheen. 

Cel Pro Tip: Coffee hair rinses can also naturally darken hair as coffee stains. This is a great quick fix if you’re trying to hide a sprouting grey in a brown or black mane.

How To Make A Coffee Hair Rinse

  • Brew 500ml - 1L of coffee and let it completely cool
  • Pour the brew into an empty, cleaned out spray application bottle
  • Wash and condition your hair as normal and then whilst the hair is still wet, spray the coffee onto the hair. Make sure the hair is properly covered and soaked in it!
  • Massage the brew into your hair and scalp - massage will help stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles!
  • After letting it sit for around 20 minutes, rinse out with lukewarm water

Cel Pro Tip: Using the rinse to dye your hair and want to darken it even more? Repeat the process again!

What About Things Like Caffeine Hair Shampoo?

Caffeine infused hair products tend to just give hair a more voluptuous appearance, leaving it lifted and looking fuller. They may not actually be able to reach the hair follicle directly. However, combining topical hair growth products with a head massage may help stimulate the hair follicles with blood flow (and therefore needed nutrients) to the scalp, encouraging growth. 

However, it’s worth noting that any topically applied product, including these touted caffeine infused hair ones, can take around 8-12 weeks to start working. There’s no overnight miracle treatment when it comes to hair loss. 

If you’re chugging loads of coffee, trying caffeine hair products or coffee hair rinses, but still experiencing hair loss that’s noticeable or getting you down, it’s time to check in with your doctor or a qualified trichologist to help find the root cause.

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