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Your Scalp And Your Pores: Understanding The Relationship

Your Scalp And Your Pores: Understanding The Relationship

Knowing the relationship between your scalp and your pores will help prevent dry skin on scalp, and other unpleasant scalp problems.

Just because you don’t have dandruff, doesn’t mean your scalp can live without some TLC. Unfortunately, we don’t really consider the health of our scalp until we have an issue… Which is probably what’s brought you to this blog.

A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair, so when it comes to strong, long, vivacious locks, it all starts with the root… literally! The scalp and the hair strands work in tandem with each other. They need equal love and care.

So, you’re here because your scalp looks and feels clogged. It’s unpleasant, itchy and embarrassing… But, why?

Well, just like your face, your scalp contains sebaceous glands that release oil. Oil’s not the bad guy though: it’s produced by your body to make your hair soft and shiny.

However, if your body over produces sebum, your scalp hasn’t been cleaned properly, or you’re simply using the wrong products, a build-up of oil can occur, leaving you with an icky, miserable scalp!

As well as being a little gross to touch and to look at, excess oil can also be a cause of thinning hair. The build-up of oil can clog the hair follicles. When those become blocked, hair can’t make its way out and the follicle shrinks as a result.

So, what can you do to help de-clog the pores on your head and rejuvenate your scalp’s health?

Choose The Right Shampoo

Most store shampoos can actually be really damaging for hair, packed with parabens and sulphates that are just for show, with no target to benefitting your scalp or tresses at all.

Investing in a suitable shampoo that aims to gently clean the hair and scalp without stripping the essential oils, the healthier and cleaner your skin and locks will be.

Suitable for all hair types, Cel’s Microstem Shampoo is paraben and sulphate-free whilst also being hypoallergenic, so cleanses gently but deeply. Its formula includes a combination of glycerin and biotin which helps the scalp retain necessary moisture but reduces skin irritation, increases the scalp’s metabolism, and repairs cells. A perfect product for a scalp with clogged pores!

Consider Scalp Peels

Even if you’re shampooing several times a week, there’s no guarantee you’re still managing to get everything removed from the scalp… There’s a difference between cleaning and exfoliating.

Scalp peels are like a scalp’s detox retreat! A scalp peel or a scalp exfoliation can help remove build-up, excess grease, other external toxins, and dead skin cells. They also help reduce the discomfort that comes with an itchy scalp. You can go for an in-salon treatment or try it yourself at home!

Want to give it a go? Look to make yourself up a salicylic acid peel. Dermatologists use salicylic acid to gently peel away the layer of dead skin cells, grease and oil, and environmental dirt from the skin.

Note: You shouldn’t exfoliate or peel the scalp if you have psoriasis, eczema, folliculitis, cuts, sores, or an infected scalp as they can make these conditions worse.

Here’s how to make your D-I-Y peel. All you need is coconut oil and salicylic acid:

  • First, wash your hair with Cel’s scalp-friendly Microstem Shampoo
  • Apply softened coconut oil to your scalp and spread evenly all over. The intense moisture from the coconut oil will protect you from any over drying the salicylic acid might cause. You can also use olive oil as an alternative to coconut oil.
  • Sit in the coconut oil for a minimum of half an hour, then apply a few drops of salicylic acid to the particularly irritated areas of your scalp.
  • Leave for a further 10 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water and peel the salicylic acid off.

Your scalp should feel relieved and rejuvenated! You can read more about home scalp treatments and why scalp health is essential here.

Cool Off In The Shower

Boiling showers dry out the skin all over the body. Imagine what it’s doing to your scalp when the majority of the time it receives the direct hit!

Excessive water temperature will just dry the scalp out and cause the skin to inflame, and the body will think it best to secrete extra oil to combat the dryness… Well, that’s just going to make the problem worse!

A cooler shower also promotes better blood circulation. The better the blood flow you have, the more oxygen is traveling to the hair follicles.

You’ll also find you use less water when the water’s cooler as you won’t feel so enticed to stay in so long, which is better for the planet!

Don’t rely on dry shampoo

Along with oil build-up, hairstyling products like dry shampoo can add additional clogging to the sebaceous glands. In recent years, dry shampoo has been a firm favourite in the hair care industry targeting young professionals and parents short on time.

But, if you have clogged pores on your scalp, dry shampoo must only be used on a temporary basis or your scalp’s pores are going to suffer and your hair’s going to go lank, limp and thin from continuous blocking.

If you use it, make sure to wash it out at the earliest opportunity.

Improve your diet

Unhealthy fats from greasy and fried foods alongside consuming fast and processed produce just make our body overproduce oil on our skin and scalp. Let’s face it, if you’re not healthy inside, you’re not going to have a healthy outside.

Stock up on healthy fats like nuts, seeds, fish, and avocados which will help keep the hair and scalp healthy and fuel a reliable growth cycle. Re-examine your diet and get excited about mixing it up to improve your body’s health and functioning.


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