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Covid-19: It's Time To Wash Your Hair More Often!

How often should you wash your hair? The answer to this question may have changed due to the increasing risk of Covid-19 spreading!


COVID-19/Coronavirus has taken over the world in so many ways. It’s dominating media outlets, brand communications, interpersonal conversations, social media, and our own thoughts and feelings. Humanity’s health and survival are at the forefront of our minds, and we’re all learning new ways and methods of preventing the spread of this new and advanced virus.

Many of us are now working from home and restricting our contact with others, including our loved ones. This can be incredibly hard, but in the long run, it’s essential for everyone’s health and safety. But what else aren’t we thinking about?

In every communication from governments and health experts across the world, we’re actively being encouraged to wash our hands and not touch our faces… But what about our hair? We're not saying you should start washing hair twice a day, but upping the amount you wash may be helpful!

Our hair comes into contact with a lot of things, just like our hands and it can also be responsible for carrying and transmitting dangerous germs. But, how often should you wash your hair? Keep reading to find out more.

Where to be mindful of your hair...

      1. In a Taxi
        Most taxi firms are still operating, as a lot of us depend on them for travel. But can you trust that they’re disinfecting after every single ride? You lean your head back on the headrest, or your long locks come into contact with the seatbelt, and just like your hands, your hair is a carrier of the same bacteria.
        When should you wash your hair? Your hair needs washing to ensure it’s not carrying the virus into your home and transmitting to surfaces in your house.
      2. In a Gym/Fitness Studio
        Many fitness centres are closing, or offering outdoor alternatives with social distancing measures in place. However, if yours is still open or you’re now attending your classes outside – are you bringing your own equipment? All it takes is lying down on a shared mat or machine that hasn’t been properly disinfected, and your hair could now be carrying viral bacteria in the same way your hands are.
        When should you wash your hair?If you don’t shower immediately on arriving home, that bacteria could transmit to the couch, your pillows, your partner’s shoulder, etc…
      3. On a Bus/Train/Tram/Ferry/Tube
        Across the world, cleaning teams are disinfecting these modes of public transport as much as they possibly can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But you can’t be sure who’s come into contact with those poles, bars, seats, windows, and doors in the interim and what they’ve been exposed to in their lives and on their journey thus far. Yes, your hair touches a lot on public transport, just like your hands. When should you wash your hair? As soon as you're home from your journey.

How to help protect yourself

Did you know that the average human touches their face 2000-3000 times a day? And how often is that when on route to adjusting your hair? Your hands and hair touch each other and external surfaces all day so come into contact with a lot of bacteria.

The advice is to wash your hands as much as possible throughout the day. Use an antibacterial wash for 20 seconds minimum making sure to wash the palms, fingers, thumbs, backs of hands, wrist and in-between each digit. You’re advised to try and wash your hands 3 times per hour.

If you’ve been outside, you need to change as soon as you get home and your clothes need to be washed. Try not to wear items again the next day, no matter how fresh they still smell.

When To Wash Your Hair

You also need to hop into the shower stat, and clean your hair and body. It’s exactly what medical professionals practice every day. They shower before they don their scrubs and immediately after their shifts, to rid themselves of any germs or bacteria they may have picked up from colleagues, equipment or patients and you need to do the same even if you’ve just popped to the store to stock up on groceries.

woman in shower

We’ve been told forever that washing your hair every day is not good for it, and that remains facts. But if you’re using a gentle cleansing shampoo, that’s paraben and sulphate-free with a small ingredient list, it should survive just fine during this vital pandemic fight.

This may be a time to ditch the rules of how often you should wash your hair... Right now, it’s essential to be washing everything more frequently, including your hair and especially your scalp.

Experiencing thinning or hair loss?

Your scalp hygiene must take president during this uncertain time and encouraging hair growth via stimulating the hair follicles is important. Try Cel’s Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner which has been guided by regenerative medicine experts, and is made up of a patented complex of ingredients that work to both prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. It’s made in the USA and suitable for all hair types. It’s also paraben and sulphate-free, making it gentle on both your hair and scalp.

Long/Thick Hair?

You may want to consider washing the hair twice through with a gentle shampoo like Cel’s Stem Cell Shampoo to make sure it’s 100% clean. Make sure the hair is free from any soap suds or product residue after rinsing and if you’re also applying conditioner, keep it to the ends of your locks only and away from the scalp.

We advise blow drying your hair and scalp, no matter how short your hair is or if you don’t tend to use a hairdryer. A light blast of the dryer can support in eliminating excess moisture. Moisture can provide a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can have a negative effect on your hair follicles.

How to not wash your hair every day

So you want to know how to not wash your hair every day? Try reading our blog What Your Greasy Hair Is Trying To Tell You, to learn why your hair may be demanding excessive washing during the pandemic or otherwise...

Final thoughts on when to wash your hair during the Covid 19 pandemic...

As we learn more about the behaviour of the COVID-19 virus, information is constantly being updated around how to support the fight against it via your personal hygiene routine. Stay up to date with coronavirus advice on the NHS website.



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