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Can You Get Rid Of A Cowlick In Your Hair?

How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick


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Summary: In this blog we detail and explore what cowlicks are and how you can tame them. We’ll discuss why cowlicks exist and what to do to reduce the appearance of one. Read on to discover more about cowlicks, what causes them and how to get rid of them…


What Is A Cowlick?

If you’re wondering “what’s a cowlick?”, then let us explain! Cowlicks are natural patterns in hair that leads to some strands wandering off in the wrong direction which can mean they stick up, lay flat on the head or disrupt the desired flow of the hair. 

They’re usually more common around the front of the hairline or the crown of the head. They typically appear as a clockwise swirl or a wave, and affect all hair types and textures. 

What Causes Cowlicks? Are Cowlicks Hereditary?

Cowlicks get their name because it may seem at times that a cow might as well have licked your hair into the position it’s chosen to adopt! Most of the time, cowlicks are simply down to genetics - they’re hereditary. If one of your parents has a cowlick, you’re likely to develop one too. However, cowlicks can also occur when hair’s had to grow again after surgery, trauma or a condition causing hair loss - this can sometimes cause the hair to grow slightly differently than before.

How To Fix A Cowlick

There’s no way of getting rid of a cowlick completely - they’re natural! But, there are some tips and tricks you can implement and apply to help tame a cowlick.

Communicate With Your Hairdresser

When you’re next in the hairdresser’s chair, make sure you’re clear about the issues you’re having with your cowlick. A good hair stylist will be able to follow the growth pattern of the persistent cowlick and cut with it, so the hair will fall as smoothly as possible post cut. If you tell them you’re looking to minimise the appearance of the cowlick, they should know how to help. 

Try Heated Tools

Utilising hair driers and straighteners can help majorly with cowlicks - just don’t forget to use heat protection spray! This is vital, as heated styling tools can damage the hair immensely and irreversibly without it. 

So, the trick with hair drying is to confuse the hair strand by blowing it in multiple directions. Use a low heat and use your brush or comb to hold the pesky strands in various directions, and then put it in the final position you want it for the final blow. Then apply some flexible hair spray, and a sulphate-free smoothing serum - something light so it controls the hair but doesn’t weigh it down and remove it’s body. 

A slim straightener can also be used to manipulate the hair in the direction you want it in if the blow drier isn’t working/in your tool supply. Follow with your flexi hair spray and smoothing serum of choice. Remember though: heat protection, heat protection, heat protection!

Grow Your Hair Out

If you have short hair, try growing your hair a little longer! The weight of longer hair can tame the cowlick down with it!

Mess Up Your Other Hairs

Texturising products like beach/salt sprays and texture pastes can give a casual, tousled look whilst working with the cowlick, rather than trying to manipulate it out. These products help disguise the hair’s directional difference and can help you look super stylish, cowlick-free and without being too much effort. 

And, of course, there’s always the option to completely embrace your cowlick(s)! Loads of celebrities confidently wear them or style them into their look and manage to make it look really chic. Remember, they’re completely natural!

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