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The Décolletage Area: What Should You Use On The Décolletage Area?

The Décolletage Area: What Do I Need To Know?


The décolletage area (pronounced “day-coll-taj”) consists of your neck and upper chest.

It’s an area we often love to highlight with off-the-shoulder clothing, and statement necklaces. But, it tends to be our most neglected part of the body (like our scalp is always the most neglected part of our hair care regimes!)

Sure, we all know we should care for our face and hair, and for most of us, we know to moisturise our body, too! But, how often do we prioritise the décolletage area? Here at Cel, we think it’s time to learn how to look after the décolletage area properly, and give you the confidence to show it off!

Caring For Your Décolletage Area

To get your neglected décolletage area prepped for a nice bardot top, or a low cut glitzy number, we’ve put together some expert advice and steps to follow:

  • Cleanse

    We wash our faces, we wash our hair, and we wash our bodies… But, how often do we focus solely on washing our décolletage area? Dirt and dust builds up on the area like it does everywhere else, which can lead to it looking dull. Hey, it can even cause pimples!

    Keep your décolletage area smooth and healthy looking by dedicating a few moments to it in the shower each day, buffing the area with a loofah and some ethical soap.
  • Moisturise

    Your décolletage area is an extension of your face, so care for it like you would your skin! After your shower, treat it to a little ‘facial’. Exfoliate and moisturise your décolletage area daily, and you can treat it to the same products you use in your regular skincare routine.
  • SPF

    Always wear sunscreen! This is rule number one for your face, and that rule goes for the rest of your body too, particularly your décolletage area. Did you know that only 14.3% of men and 29.9% of women regularly practice a correct sun protection routine when exposing themselves to the sun? Tut, tut!

    Sunburn causes health issues, we know that, most infamously cancer. But, it can also cause cosmetic issues, such as dark, ageing spots and wrinkles. Your décolletage area is no exception.

    The skin in this area is incredibly fragile, so it pays to take extra care of it in the sun. Make sure to use a minimum of 30 SPF for every day protection against 97% of UV rays. 

  • Be gentle

    It is some of the thinnest skin on the body (along with the skin around your eyelids!), so it’s important to be super gentle with it. Massaging and rubbing motions are best for when cleansing and moisturising the décolletage area. Anything too rough can damage it!
  • Hydrate

    Drinking water is hugely important to retain optimum functioning in all parts of the body - we can’t survive without it! However, when you don’t drink enough water, this really takes a toll on your skin.

    You may have noticed that when you’re dehydrated your skin feels drier, and your décolletage area is no exception to the rule. In fact, your décolletage area might take the hit the hardest, as it’s such thin skin. To keep the area plump and glowing, getting your full recommended daily water allowance is a great, easy way to help leave you not only looking good, but feeling it, too.

    The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is around 3.7 litres of fluid for men and around 2.7 litres for women. Yes, that seems a lot! But your skin, hair and body will thank you for it if you keep on top of it!
  • Use appropriate products

    Your décolletage area is made up of some of the most fragile, fine skin on the body - so treat it to natural, high quality, skin-loving products. Avoid sulphates, parabens and harsh chemicals and research the ethos behind the company you’re looking to buy from, the ingredients they use and why.





Clara Hallifax

As an avid follower of all things hair care, I love to create content that educates and entertains, while also learning more myself! I’ve been a writer for a few years now, specializing in scientific research on hair growth and hair loss. When I’m not typing away, I’ll be doing crosswords, or attempting to do a tricky yoga pose.


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