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Collagen And Hair Growth: Does Collagen Help Hair?
Collagen And Hair Growth: Does Collagen Help Hair?

Collagen Benefits For Hair


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We know that collagen benefits your skin immeasurably, but could it also be the secret to the best hair of your life…?

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is structural, fibrous, and looks a little similar to a rope! It provides your skin with strength and elasticity, so it’s pretty essential for your body. Without it, our skin would look super lacklustre rather than the desirable plump and bouncy texture we all want!

However, it’s now being touted across the beauty industry as a hair essential protein too! So, what are the collagen benefits for hair?

Collagen and Hair Growth: Could It Provide Amino Acids For Building Hair?

But, hair is made up of the protein keratin”, you hair pros may say but in order to make keratin, the body needs amino acids – many of which can be found in collagen! Ingesting collagen can be considered a sure-fire way of making sure your body is receiving enough amino acids to prioritise and capitalise on hair growth.

Collagen and Hair Growth: Could Collagen Prevent Hair Thinning?

Because collagen is renowned for the benefits it gives your skin, remember that your scalp is skin too! So, hair literally grows out of skin! We all know a healthy scalp means strands can grow in an optimum, hair-happy environment – when our scalp's healthy, our hair’s healthy.

If your scalp is in good shape, because its cells are being replenished regularly with good amounts of collagen, then this could likely prevent hair thinning, which is often associated with the ageing process.

Collagen and Hair Growth: Could Collagen Prevent Greying?

Collagen has antioxidant properties meaning it can help fight off free-radical cell damage and slow down the process of greying hair. When our bodies begin to mature, the pigment (melanin) in cells located in our hair follicles (at the base of the root) naturally begin to die. Melanin gives our hair colour, so without it, each strand will begin to appear white.

Free-radicals, unfortunately, can speed up this process, exacerbated even further when combined with high stress, poor diet and pollution. So, making sure you have high levels of antioxidants in your body, via collagen, can help slow down the effects of free-radicals and thus prevent cell damage which can result in greying hair.

Another benefit of having the right levels of antioxidants in your body via collagen means that free-radicals are also preventing hair follicle cell damage too, which in some cases can lead to hair loss!

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Does Collagen Help Hair? Our final thoughts…

Clearly collagen fuels our skin and body with amino acids and skin, hair and nail boosting nutrients. It made its name in the skincare industry, but now it’s also starting to make waves in hair care. Jump on the bandwagon today and try it for yourself – you’ll never know if it works for you otherwise…!


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