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How To Get The Right Eyebrows For Your Face Shape
How To Get The Right Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

What’s the best eyebrow shape for my face?


Our eyebrows are one of the most important features on our faces. We can tell so much from looking at someone’s face from the position and style of their eyebrows… Low and heavy? Sad and tired. High and arched? Stern or surprised.

By getting the right shape and definition of your brow, you can create the perfect frame and balance to your entire face and can make a huge difference to your look.

Before we look at the ideal eyebrows for your face shape, there are some general rules to follow when it comes to shaping your brows:

Enhance your natural eyebrow shape

Always stick to emphasising your natural arches in your brow. This will help your eyes stay looking bright and open, and keeps it natural which we’re all about right now. Embrace and enhance what you’re born with!

Don’t let your eyebrows overpower your face

The size of your brows should be relative to the overall size of your face. For example, if you have a long, rectangular face, a high arch is going to accentuate the length in an overpowering way. If you have square face, a straight, thick brow is going to over emphasise the squareness, so really invest in finding the right shape for you and work out the thickness of your expressive arches accordingly.

Choose your shade smartly

Getting the shape of your brows right is one thing, but picking how dark you make them is another. If you like a darker brow, you’ll need a slimmer brow so as not to overwhelm your face. When you get older, darker brows can age and harshen your look, so softer shades suit maturer women.

OK, now that’s clear, it’s time to look at the best eyebrow shape for your face…

Best eyebrow shape for a round face

Round faces suit high arches. They help balance and set off your beautifully rounder shape!

Best eyebrow shape for a square face

On a square face aim for soft, rounded arches as these will help soften the strong jawline found on your unique, but gorgeous square face.

Best eyebrows for a heart shaped face

A softer or higher arched brow can look great on a heart shaped face!

Best eyebrow shape for an oval face

Best eyebrow shape for oval faces? Your oval shape can be paired excellently with a soft, yet angled brow.

Best eyebrow shape for a long face

If you have a longer face, adopt a straighter brow or work in a soft arch and extended tail to serve your overall shape.

Best eyebrow shape for a diamond face

Just like a long face shape, a diamond shape works well with either a straight brow or soft arches.

Best eyebrow shape for a rectangle face

Serve this shape with a flat brow. But, if you want to give your face a little roundness, adopt a slight curve.

CEL PRO TIP: If you’ve decided on your eyebrow shape, but don’t know where to start, pay for a professional beautician to set you up with your new over-eye arches. Then it’s all about maintaining the shape from then on, rather than doing battle trying to find it yourself!

How to make sure your eyebrows stay in tip top condition

Grow them out: First things first – step away from the tweezers! Brows grow in a 3-4 month cycle, so no plucking for a minimum of 12 weeks, and really try to stick it out.

If you really have to pluck, soften and dull your lighting as you do it. Too much light can cause you to over tweeze!

Sort out your diet: If you want to grow thicker eyebrows, you need to fuel the body right. Supplements can help here. Invest in a multivitamin that includes iron, particularly if you exclude meat and animal products from your diet.

Oil up: There are oils you can apply to your brows which encourage natural hair growth. Castor oil is a popular one, as it contains incredible hair growing proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins which help nourish the hair follicles and promote healthy growth.

You can also use jojoba, coconut or olive oils as an alternative to castor oil too, and you may already have these in your cupboard. Natural oils encourage blood to flow to the skin, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicles.


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