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6 Ways The Cold Weather Affects Your Hair

Hair Growth In Cold Weather


This time of year the chill really loves to sit in your bones, doesn’t it? And have you noticed how limp your hair becomes too?

Yep, the cold loves taking its toll on your tresses. The temperature and reduction in humidity have a lot to answer for. In addition, we generally pay less attention to our hair too during winter because we’re busy hiding it under hats and scarves!

Awareness of what nature and science are capable of in the wintery months is the only way to get prepared on how to look after your locks. Only you are in control of not letting the chill completely damage your tresses. Here are the 6 negative affects the cold weather might be having on your hair, and how to combat them!

Hair Loss In Cold Weather: Dim and Dull

Because your hair will become drier due to the cold, your usual shiny strands will really struggle to glimmer. Make sure you’re maintaining that hydration by lathering the hair once to twice a week in a hair mask, like Cel’s Hair Thickening Mask.

Cel’s Hair Thickening Mask contains glycerin; a powerful but non-toxic sugar compound that works as a moisture sponge to keep your scalp and hair hydrated, whilst preventing skin irritation and promoting hair growth.

Use a generous amount to cover the hair from root to tip after shampooing, paying particular attention to the ends. Leave for a minimum of 1 minute (preferably longer) before rinsing thoroughly.

Hair Loss In Cold Weather: Dryness

The moisture in the air decreases, so the moisture available to your hair decreases too! Cel’s Hair Thickening Mask will help combat this so plan it into your hair washing routine over these wintery months.

Also, it’s definitely worth investing in a silk pillowcase. Cotton is more porous so can contribute to drying the hair out, while silk will leave hydration right where it belongs: your locks.

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Hair Loss In Cold Weather: Dandruff

Because it’s cold outside, we love to treat ourselves to hotter showers in the winter. Combining the cold weather outside with steaming hot showers may feel good and warm us up, but can play real havoc on your skin and scalp. Hot water and cold air will definitely dry out your skin… If your skin is dry, you can bet your scalp is dry too.

If dandruff is dancing with your scalp, try brushing the hair with a boar bristle brush before you wash it, as this will loosen the dry skin on the head and stimulate blood circulation.

In addition, try showering at night during fall and winter, and towel dry with a microfibre towel. Blow drying will not aid your moisture maintenance, but definitely don’t sleep on wet hair either! Patches of your skin will end up staying wetter for longer than they need to. A microfibre towel is able to absorb excess water whilst leaving moisture behind. Just shake and squeeze your strands into it several times until dry.

A silk pillowcase, as mentioned above, will also support in maintaining the scalp’s moisture.

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Hair Loss In Cold Weather: Can Cold Weather Cause Hair Loss?

Does cold weather cause hair loss? Let’s be clear, cold weather does not directly equate to hair loss. Phew! However, if you’re noticing more hair going down the plug hole or being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, this can be due to the lack of hydration and humidity in the atmosphere when compared with summer months.

It’s common, and totally normal to experience this – rest assured you aren’t going bald. Keep it hydrated with Cel’s Hair Thickening Mask, once to twice a week!

Does Cold Weather Affect Hair Growth? Well, It Can Cause Split Ends and Breakage…

Sub zero temperatures are heaven for hair breakage and that goes for any hair type. As the air becomes drier, the strands of hair become more brittle and therefore more likely to break and split. Make sure you’re keeping up with those salon appointments and getting regular trims at least every 6 weeks (if you can).

Ease up on styling with hot tools like straighteners and tongs too. If you can't resist them though, remember to protect it!

Whether you can’t resist curling and flattening your hair, or you're just worried about your hair's health at the moment, why not try our Re:Gen Repair Serum? It's packed with antioxidants that strengthen the hair against damage, and even work to repair some of the damage caused by cold weather, hair styling, and pollution.

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Hair Loss In Cold Weather: Static

Our favourite thing that winter brings our hair, right? Quite obviously, we jest!

Unfortunately, the lack of humidity in the air causes the neutrons, protons and electrons to get more active. As the electrons in our hair move from atom to atom, this causes an electric charge which leads to those static strands. As we know, static locks love nothing more than to cling to clothing and simply look horrible!

Does Cold Weather Cause Hair Loss? Final Thoughts…

Caring for your hair properly is important all year round, but even more so when the atmosphere is up against it in winter months. Make sure you’re treating your hair with the high quality products, knowledge and attention it deserves as you both battle the chill.



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