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Get Creative With These 4 Eyeliner Looks
Get Creative With These 4 Eyeliner Looks

How To Apply The Most Popular Eyeliner Looks


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Summary: In this blog we detail and explore how to apply 4 of the most popular eyeliner looks: winged, natural, thin and coloured. We’ll discuss how these looks can compliment your eyes, what tools you'll need and the steps to take to achieve the look! Read on to discover more about these 4 eyeliner looks you need to try…


Our eyes are the window to our soul as the saying goes, so why not make the most of them? If you’re looking for different ways to jazz up your peepers, these popular, simple eyeliner looks could be the way to go!

Cel Pro Tip: Before using a new makeup product like an eyeliner, make sure to patch test the product first. Place a smidgen of eyeliner on the inside of your wrist (or an alternative preferred small patch of skin) and wait for any signs of irritation (redness, burning, discomfort, pain, or a rash) for at least 24 hours. If your skin remains irritation-free, you should be fine to use it on a larger area, such as your eyelids!

And, remember: anyone can wear any kind or look of eyeliner. It’s just a matter of trial, error and research on the placement of each look on the eyelid type. So, get playing!

How To Do Winged Eyeliner

A total classic! Winged eyeliner is dramatic, classy and makes any eye pop and can even make them look bigger…

What you will need: 1 x Liquid Eyeliner in black or brown (and an applicator/eyeliner brush if it’s not included in the eyeliner purchased)

How to do winged eyeliner: Position your eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye. Next, gradually pull the liner toward the outer part of your eye. Then, flick the eyeliner upwards close to the end of your eyebrow.

For a more vintage version of this look, simply draw the wing at a lower angle!

How To Do Natural Eyeliner

A more subtle and smudged vibe, this natural eyeliner look is something all makeup-wearing eye owners should master!

What you will need: 1 x Sharpened Wood Pencil Eyeliner in either black, or if you have paler skin, a more neutral brown/hazel shade.

How to do natural eyeliner: Apply a shadow base on your lid as a primer; this will help the pencil glide and the lid to take on the colour consistently.

Instead of dragging the liner, line the eye in tiny, short strokes: 3-4 strokes should do it!

If it’s looking a little thick, take a Q-Tip with the smallest amount of moisturiser possible dipped on the end of it, and shave it down the line to aid in thinning. Then, nestle the pencil in-between lashes to make sure you’ve got a full coverage! Ta-Da!

How To Do Thin Eyeliner

A more minimal look; a thin line of eyeliner can shape the eye pretty much effort-free, but still look sleek and glam.

What you will need: 1 x Gel Liner or 1 x Liquid Eyeliner in Black/Brown

How to do natural eyeliner: Simply create a super thin outline just above your upper lash line, staying as close to the lashes as possible. You could optionally use a nude pencil eyeliner on your waterline (bottom lash line) too. Then, apply your mascara for your look to pop!

How To Do Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner can be a great way of expressing your personality via your makeup, but also make small eyes seem bigger!

What you will need: 1 x Gel, Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner (your preference!) in your choice of colour.

How to do coloured eyeliner: With coloured eyeliner, the shape is up to you but it’s more about working out the colour that suits you. When looking for the right shade, you need to consider your skin tone…

Fair/Cool: Fair skin suits more blues or greens: sapphire or emerald shades (but don’t let it totally match your eye colour!). Going slightly lighter than black but keeping the hue kinda dark helps warm the appearance of your skin. A thick black liner, although a great framer, can contrast harshly with porcelain skin. (Although, we’ve seen some great red and purple looks on paler skin so don’t be fearful of experimenting with your eyeliner vibe!)

Medium/Warm: Medium skin tones can suit elegant topaz and jade shades. These colours help deepen the eye's dimensions and can add a more sun kissed look without the need for bronzer!

Dark/Rich: Darker skin tones can literally pull off any colour! The bolder, the better. Don’t know where to start? We love a rich purple on a darker skin tone, so if you’ve not tried coloured liner before, begin there but feel free to play and go wild with your palette!

Hey, you could even try multi hue eyeliner! Choose a brighter colour on the top lash, and a slightly darker shade of the same colour on the bottom waterline for a real popping look.

Cel Pro Tip: Have small eyes? Try a neon/light blue to make them appear larger!

Our Final Thoughts On How To Achieve Different Eyeliner Looks…

The main takeaway here is to try it out! You won’t know what suits until it’s on, so sit down with your mirror and get experimenting!

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