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DIY: Hair Dye At Home!

How To Dye Your Hair At Home DIY


Dyeing your hair at the salon can be expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, it’s not a slap-it-on-and-hope-for-the-best situation when it comes to DIY dye – it does take some skill. If you want a salon similar result, you’re going to have to invest in clueing up before you reach for the bottle!

And, that’s where Cel’s got you covered. Digest these hair dye tips below, and you’ll be dialling up your strands and their shade like a pro in no time!

How To Dye Your Hair At Home DIY

  1. Buy Two Boxes (Or Three If You Have Very Long Hair!) – you do not want to be short of dye mid way through the job!
    Cel Pro Tip: Mix your dye in a glass or plastic bowl, not metal. Metal will oxidise the dye and cause it to change colour!
  2. Upgrade Your Tools – A good hair dresser will never apply a colour with their hands or squirt from the bottle! Get a hair dye brush for even distribution and precision!
  3. Keep Your Hairline Clear – Swipe some coconut oil or lip balm along your hairline where you don’t want the dye to go. This will stop it dyeing your skin which can take a while to fade/remove!
  4. Brush Your Hair First – Before applying anything to your hair, you need to get every last knot out! The smallest knot can cause a big hiccup in the dyeing process.
  5. Section Your Hair – If you want to apply dye like a pro, you need to section your hair into 4 parts. Down the middle and from ear to ear across the crown of your head. Dye the front sections first as these areas are your most visible!
  6. Start At Your Roots – Comb through the dye from root to tip for an even shade!
  7. Don’t Tie It Up – Don’t be tempted to tie up your hair in a bun or wrap in a towel, despite what happens in the movies or the commercials! This can cause uneven colour so leave the hair down and put an old, dark towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes and skin.
  8. Wash It Right – Don’t wash your hair straight away after colouring. Just rinse out with cool water. Try to leave 48 hours before washing your hair for the first time after dyeing, and when you do use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Safety Rules To Follow When Colouring Your Hair At Home

  • Always use gloves and protect the surface you’re working on
  • Don’t allow dyes to get into the eyes, nose or the mouth
  • Always patch test on a small area of skin, 24 hours in advance to check for allergies
  • Dye solutions should be cool before application. Anything too hot can result in skin/scalp burning or injury

  • Don’t mix two different shades together. There is no guarantee what colour that will become!
  • If you’ve recently relaxed or permed your hair, do not try and dye your hair yourself. Both processes can inflict damage on the hair so speak to your salon, or wait a minimum of a week after treatment.
Cel Pro Tip: Treated hair processes dye a lot quicker than non-treated, so dye will need less time to take if so!
    blue hair

    How To Make Your Colour Last Longer

    Lots of things can cause our dreamy hair colour to fade: over-washing, heat, hard water, and UV/Sun exposure.

    Perhaps your colour fades more rapidly at the roots, or your darker tone is becoming brassy too quickly? Maybe your bright blonde is looking dull quite early or unwanted greys are sprouting too soon after dyeing! Or, generally, your colour is lacking that desired shine?

    Firstly, try to protect your hair from the sun and the heat post dye, and try to avoid washing your hair too regularly if you colour it too. If you over wash, not only will you strip the colour but you’ll dry out the hair too, leaving it looking brittle and dehydrated. In addition, if you live in a hard water area, try installing a filter on your shower head to soften the stream, and opt for a chelating, clarifying, sulphate-free shampoo to help preserve your colour.

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    How To Make DIY Hair Dye

    Remember, when dyeing your hair yourself, always wear gloves and protect the surface you're working on.

    How To Make DIY Hair Dye With Chamomile Tea

    Chamomile Tea can make an amazing hair lightener, particularly if you’re already blonde!

    Simply steep 1/2 cup of chamomile flowers in boiling water. Let the mixture sit for half an hour to stew and cool. Then, strain the flowers from the mixture. Next, wash your hair and after you’re done, pour the mixture 10 times through your clean, wet mane. Wait for a quarter of an hour before rinsing through again with clean water.

    You can use chamomile tea in this way once a week if you like the effects!

    How To Make DIY Hair Dye With Coffee

    Want to cover some grey hair whilst going a shade or two darker? Put your faith in your coffee!

    Brew yourself a strong dark-roast coffee. Mix 1/2 cup of the coffee with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 1 cup of leave-in conditioner.

    Wash your hair as normal, and then once it’s clean, apply the mix to your damp hair. Leave the mix in for 1 hour (make sure to put a dark, old towel around your shoulders whilst you do so!) before rinsing through with cool water. Repeat the process if you want to go a little darker!

    How To Make DIY Hair Dye With Beetroot Juice

    Looking for a deep red tint with some cool undertones? Look no further than beetroot juice!

    Simply mix beetroot juice with a carrier oil like olive or coconut. Apply the mixture liberally to your hair, root to tip and then leave in your hair for 1 hour (make sure to put a dark, old towel around your shoulders whilst you do so!). Then wash out as normal! Et Voila!



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