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5 Top Tricks To Help Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading
5 Top Tricks To Help Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

How To Make Hair Colour Last Longer


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When you find that perfect shade, it can feel like Christmas came early! So, when you’ve found the colour you love – how do you get it to stay? When we first dye our hair, that bold, fresh, newly coloured look is the best feeling ever but it seems to go as quickly as it arrives, right?

Cel, how do I make my hair colour last longer?” Fret no more, ‘coz as always, we’ve got you covered. Try out these 5 fabulous tips and tricks to keep your blonde bold, your red ravishing and your brunette beautiful!

1. How To Keep Hair Colour From Fading? Commit To Permanent

With a permanent dye, it’s designed to last. Permanent colour works by penetrating the hair shaft and embeds the dye deep inside it, completely changing the colour of each strand. Colour will then usually last between 7-8 weeks but will never entirely go. On the other hand, semi permanent dye simply deposits the shade around the hair shaft and changes the tone of the strands which will completely go after about 4-6 weeks. So if you want your shade to last, commit to permanent dye.

2. How To Keep Hair Dye From Fading? Turn Down The Heat

When we wash our hair in a hot shower, or take the tongs to our tresses to curl or straighten them, the high temperatures encourage the hair cuticle to open, which means colour is able to seep out.

So, limit your use of styling tools and blow driers and take your showers a little cooler! If you’ve been toying with heat, you may also notice the hair getting drier and potentially feeling a little damaged. This means that the next time you go to dye, the colour won’t take as well as it won’t be able to deposit evenly over a broken strand. Always use a hair heat-protecting product before using any heat on your mane, dyed or natural!

3. How To Keep Hair Colour From Fading? Choose A Gentle Targeted Product

Many shampoos and products contain sulphates which foam and froth to form a lather – this means they’re quite heavy-duty on your hair. As well as removing dirt, their harshness can also take colour and moisture out of the hair too. Look for sulphate-free products, like the entire Cel haircare range and opt for a targeted product that specifically boosts and prolongs colour…

4. How To Keep Hair Dye From Fading? Shampoo Less, Deep Condition More

Shampooing daily should be a no for all of those with hair! It strips the hair of it’s natural oils for one, but can also dislodge your colour from the hair shaft too.

If you have greasy hair, try to shampoo every other day. If you work out a lot and get a sweaty mane frequently, try to use a dry shampoo on alternate days post-sweat sesh to help absorb the excess oils produced. This will help preserve your colour!

However, dyeing your hair can cause the hair to go brittle, coarse and sometimes break if it’s not receiving the hydration it needs. Healthy hair strands take in colour more evenly too, so if you continue to regularly dye it, you need the hair in optimum condition to ensure it looks great every time! When your hair is clean and wet, use a deep, conditioning hair mask, focussing on the ends, that will replenish and nourish the strands root to tip. Leave on for 10-20 minutes for a deeper treatment about twice a week. This will help keep the hair smooth, strong and healthy and ultimately preserve your colour.

Cel Pro Tip: Sleep in your hair mask once a month for total mane rejuvenation!

5. How To Keep Hair Colour From Fading? Stay On Top Of Your Trims

Freshly trimmed strands keep your hair dye looking bright and even! Colour doesn’t take as easily to split ends or poorly maintained layers. You need to be having a trim every 3-5 weeks if you’ve got a shorter look, and at least every 10-12 weeks if your locks are long.

Our Final Thoughts On How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer…

Dyeing your hair doesn’t have to be an uphill battle when it comes to the maintenance of a bright, fresh look. These 5 tricks of the trade will aid you in keeping your colour looking bold, vibrant and beautiful. A little bit of TLC goes a long way when protecting and preserving your hair’s shade. The answer to “how do I make my hair colour last longer?” is really very simple: hair care, hair care, hair care!

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