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How To Prevent Hair Shedding & Hair Fall: Tactics, Tips & Tricks
How To Prevent Hair Shedding & Hair Fall: Tactics, Tips & Tricks

There are many ways you can support your body in preventing hair shedding and hair fall, if it’s noticeable or happening more than it should...


First things first, people: hair shedding is normal! Hair loss is a part of the natural hair growth cycle, so it is common to see the odd hair strand on your clothes and for some to appear in the drain catcher of your daily shower.

The average person loses about 70 to 100 strands of hair every day.

However, even though the process of hair growth and loss is natural, it can feel discouraging to lose hair at a faster rate than seems “normal”…

So, what causes hair to fall and shed more than normal?

The most common reasons for hair falling more than normal are:

  • Certain Medications
  • Radiation Treatments
  • Stress
  • Styling Practises (heat from blowdrying, tongs or irons, wearing tight ponytails or braiding cornrows)
  • Hormonal Changes (pregnancy, child birth, menopause, thyroid issues)
  • Medical Conditions

If you’re concerned your hair is falling rapidly due to a medical condition or treatment you’re receiving, check in with your doctor.

OK then… So, what can I do to help prevent hair fall and slow down hair shedding?

Wash Out Sweat To Prevent Hair Fall

When we sweat whilst working out or exercising, or if we’re hot, your sweat can gather in and block your hair follicles, weakening the hair at the root. Make sure to shower and wash your hair with a gently cleansing, sulphate-free shampoo right after you finish your gym session.

Cel Pro Tip: If you cycle and wear a helmet, try to wear a silk bandana over your hair to protect the head from over heating and rubbing against the helmet!

Assess Your Diet To Prevent Hair Shedding

If our garden, veranda or balcony plants don’t receive a healthy combination of water and sunlight, they wilt and won't bloom: the same goes for your hair.

If you’re feeding your body with the wrong things, it won’t look like you want it to appear healthy!

Protein and iron are a must for good hair health. Hair is made of protein – that’s what keratin is. So adequate protein in every meal is essential if you want to see an improvement in your hair’s growth and it’s appearance.

Slacking on protein because you’re a vegetarian or vegan? Read up on the vegetarian and vegan foods for hair growth here!

Iron is responsible for producing haemoglobin which carries essential vitamins and nutrients through our blood, delivering it to all the different areas in our body, including the hair follicles in our scalp.

Stock up on iron loaded foods (like dark, leafy greens, lentils, cashews, tofu, chicken liver and shellfish) to ensure your body can get those nutrients pumping and refuel your hair!

And, don’t cancel your carbs! Carbohydrates aren’t the devil like the dieting industry has led us to believe. Carbs are like gas: they give us energy.

Complex carbohydrates are essential for hair growth and vitality, because hair needs energy to grow. You’ve just got to embrace the right ones: fresh fruit or whole wheat crackers, for example.

Read more on the dos and don’ts of food for hair growth here!

Also, check in with how much you’re drinking alcohol and smoking. Smoking cigarettes can reduce the amount of oxygen and blood flow that gets to the scalp which can result in a reduction of hair growth and a stump in its growing cycle, leading to potential excess hair shedding.

And alcohol’s dehydrating abilities can actually lead to hair loss if drunk regularly in excess…

Read up on how alcohol can cause hair loss here.

And hey, are you drinking enough water? In order to function properly, your body needs to be suitably hydrated. How strong your hair is and how fast it grows can be linked to how efficiently your body eliminates toxins.

Try to avoid juices, sodas, caffeinated and sugary drinks, and load up on that beautiful H20! You should aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day - this is about 8 to 10 glasses - or more if you’re exercising.

Consider An Onion Juice Scalp Rub To Prevent Hair Fall

Yep, this is a thing! Some people swear by this homeopathic remedy for preventing hair shedding and fall. They believe that massaging onion juice into your scalp, leaving it over night (it’s best to probably wrap your pillow in a towel if you do this!) and washing it out with a hypoallergenic, cruelty free shampoo the next morning can help prevent hair fall.

It’s thought that the sulphur found in onion juice can promote strong, thick hair whilst also potentially helping with collagen production and blood circulation…

Read more on how onion juice can help your hair here

Take A Targeted Supplement To Prevent Hair Shedding

Biotin (otherwise known as Vitamin B7, or sometimes Vitamin H) is probably the most important supplement when it comes to properly fuelling our follicles.

Taking daily hair growth supplements that contain biotin, and that are labelled as being specifically for hair, skin and nails, can really help to strengthen and improve the durability of growing hairs and help prevent hair shedding and fall.

Consuming enough biotin helps your body utilise the proteins you ingest and directs them to all essential and non-essential tissue. Your body considers your hair to be non-essential, so it never prioritises sending nutrients there unless it has enough to distribute. Supplements can help you be sure that your body does have enough!

Style Smart To Prevent Hair Fall

Did you know that the hair styles you’re opting for could be causing your hair to shed? Tight up dos or cornrows can put a strain on your hair follicles and strands and cause them to fall!

And d
id you know that regular elastic hair ties can lead to hair breakage, especially for hair that’s fine, dry and/or already damaged? Opt for a silk scrunchy, which combats excess friction for optimum breakage prevention, and can also reduce hair fall! 

Heavy styling creams and product that accompany these looks can also add an unnecessary weight to your hair, which may lead to even more shedding.

Got thinning hair? Switch it up and try some of these super style suggestions: Hair Styles For Women With Thinning Hair and Hair Styles For Men With Thinning Hair.

Relax To Prevent Hair Shedding

Stress never helped anything, and it doesn’t do any favours for our hair either. When we’re stressed, we release the hormone cortisol and our body enters “fight or flight mode” (essentially, do I fight the danger or run away from it?) which can in turn, cause our blood vessels to narrow.

This means less oxygen going around the body, which has a domino effect. Less oxygen = less minerals, nutrients and vitamins getting to the hair follicles.

So, prioritise your self-care. Try a yoga class, or meditation or simply make time for a bath and a good book… It can literally help stop your hair from shedding!

For further suggestions on how to support your hair and prevent hair fall and loss, read our How To Make Your Hair Healthy blog here!


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