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Home Scalp Treatments Could Be The New Skincare Regime

Do you suffer from an itchy scalp? Or maybe your hair growth isn't what you want it to be. Well, a scalp treatment could be what you need - and it's easier than you think!


Take a look at your beauty shelf or drawer. How many pots and potions are there? Serums, moisturisers, cleansers, masks, and toners. All for your face right? Now have a root through your hair product collection. Betting there’s shampoos, conditioners, heat defence, leave-in oils, mousses, and sprays galore, right?

And how many products are there that are specifically for your scalp?

Our scalp is often the most neglected part of our skin and hair care routine. It’s lucky if the shampoo gets massaged in, let’s be honest. But it takes so much heavy-handedness!

From excessive blow dry heat, dry shampoo, and salt spray build-up, sun exposure and pollution – how can we expect our scalp to grow the best, most healthy hair without proper attention and care?

The scalp’s skin is supremely delicate and contains a high number of oil glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles. Because of its vulnerability, it’s imperative it has as dedicated a routine as our face and tresses.

So, it’s time to sit up and take stock of our scalp care routine. Beauty brands have recently clocked on too, so you may be noticing that there are more dry scalp treatments on offer in salons and ingredients on bottles that specify that they aid the scalp’s health. We’re starting to see that our scalp should be an important part of our hair and skin routine, as it really is the direct link to healthy, luscious locks.

Below you’ll find the ultimate “how-to” when it comes to caring for your scalp, so you can welcome in optimum hair growth, health and vitality.

Cleansing It Right

Proper application and distribution of shampoo on the scalp as well the incorporation of circular, massage-like movements, that really promote proper cleansing of the scalp, are key when it comes to washing. Shampooing twice ensures a thorough cleanse of both scalp and hair too.

Massaging your scalp, whilst lathering the shampoo with your fingertips, helps improve blood circulation in the head which in turn promotes scalp and hair health. Use a scalp compatible conditioner (many are too thick), which will help keep the scalp moisturised and hydrated like Cel’s Microstem Conditioner. Both Cel’s Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner are hypoallergenic, paraben and sulphate-free so your scalp can remain irritation-free and hydrated.

You should regularly clean your scalp deeply with shampoo. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a deep scalp cleanse at a salon once a month! Otherwise, you might end up having an itchy scalp, which can stunt healthy hair growth.

Using dry shampoo? Dry shampoo is a total blessing when you’re short on time, but dry shampoo will never replace a proper clean. If over-used, dry shampoo can clog up the follicles and dry out the skin, so use sparingly and only when need’s really must.

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Moisturise Regularly

Your scalp care checklist should include great cleansing, re-balancing, and moisturising. You should use a scalp friendly hydrating hair mask once a week to ensure the appropriate levels of scalp hydration.

Try Cel’s Microstem Hair Thickening Mask. After washing your hair with shampoo, cover the scalp and hair root to tip in mask and leave it for at least a minute (much longer if you want that deep conditioning effect!), before rinsing thoroughly. Made in the USA, the formula contains glycerin which is a powerful, non-toxic sugar compound that works as a moisture sponge to eliminate a dry scalp and keep hair hydrated. The Microstem Hair Thickening Mask is also hypoallergenic, sulphate and paraben-free, just like Cel’s Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner.

Alternatively, try lathering your scalp in 100% coconut oil prior to washing and let it soak in for twenty minutes before shampooing and conditioning.

Exfoliate Occasionally

Our skin and hair are subjected to a lot of toxins and air pollutants, particularly if you’re living in a city. High levels of pollution affect our scalp, just like it affects everything else, so a deep cleanse or exfoliant is recommended once a fortnight.

Yes, a scalp detox isn’t just for those with dandruff! It helps remove build-up, excess grease, other external toxins, and dead skin cells, and helps reduce the discomfort of an itchy scalp.

Go for an in-salon treatment or invest in a specifically tailored scalp detox scrub. You can also make your own! There’s plenty of recipes on the internet.

Run a bath and then take a teasing brush and lightly buff away at the scalp to help loosen any dead skin cells. Shampoo, so your scalp’s clear of any product and then gently massage the scrub into the scalp and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out the scrub thoroughly with cool water as this will help lock in the nourishing oils (hot water will dry out the skin and eradicate them).

Then, follow with a hydrating conditioner

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Protect Permanently

Usually, the scalp is covered by hair and in turn, is protected from the sun. However, if you’re going out under the rays for prolonged periods make sure to wear a hat or a scarf to keep the scalp 100% safe. You may also prefer looking into UV protection hair mists that are growing in popularity too.

Use heat stylers? These can also affect the permanent condition of your scalp so make sure to use heat protection serums or sprays before tonging up or blowdrying.

Final Thoughts

At night is when the body repairs and rejuvenates: cell regeneration is at its peak. If you are able to use overnight treatments on the scalp, this is a recommended move.

In addition, consider investing in a silk pillowcase as silk helps the skin, scalp, and hair retain moisture whilst also reducing friction, which can irritate the skin and damage the hair. It also feels pretty luxurious to sleep on!



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