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Why are your nails changing texture?

Ingrown fingernail? Ridges in fingernails? Find the answers to your questions about nail texture!

Our fingernails are touted as the barometer of our overall health. They can reveal things about our bodies that otherwise might go unidentified.

Our nails will change over time. It sucks but unfortunately, it’s inevitable. Our body ages, and the internal processes it goes through effect our hair, skin, and nails. For example, as early as the age of 25, the rate of nail growth slows by around 0.5% per year, so if we’re blessed to make it into our eighties, our nails may only then grow at 2 millimetres per month!

The texture and wellbeing of our nails can be affected by a variety of other different things too though. Exposure to harsh chemicals, anaemia, hormonal problems, nutritional deficiencies, or regular contact with ultraviolet light.

Knowledge is power, so being aware of nail texture changes and knowing specifically what to look for is a great starting point for caring for the long term health of your nails. Below are 6 textural changes to look out for from now.

Nail Texture: Contour

If your nails are becoming more rounded, this is sometimes referred to as ‘clubbing’ and is a sign of a long term oxygen deficiency. This should be investigated by your doctor pronto.

Ingrown toenails? These can be caused by too-tight shoes or an abnormality in the growth of the entire foot. Usually, these can be eased off by soaking and softening the nail out gently with cotton. If it’s causing unbearable pain and affecting your walking, minor surgery may be offered to remove a small strip of the nail which will prevent similar future growth occurring. Ask your doctor.

Nail Texture: Ridges

Why do my nails have ridges? Well, these can appear as vertical or horizontal waves across the nail. Vertical lines can simply be a sign of ageing and be a part of your body's natural rhythm – that’s if they aren’t also accompanied by a colour change. If they’re severe and there’s discolouration, this may due to a lack of iron in your diet. Horizontal lines? This can be your kidneys trying to tell you something, so get down to the doctor, stat.

Nail Texture: Peeling

Are you an acrylic addict who peels off their false nails as soon as they start to wilt? Tut tut, this will be why you're asking 'why are my nails peeling?!' External trauma causes the nail to behave in this way. If you’re using your nail as a tool or pressing your nails too firmly against another surface, this can also contribute to the peel effect. Up the iron and biotin in your diet and invest in a serum, like Cel’s Nail Formula designed to heal, protect, and rejuvenate.

Are your toenails peeling too? If they are, check-in with the doctor because peeling on both sites can signal an iron deficiency.

Nail Texture: Brittle

So, your nails are rough and/or splitting… Perhaps they crack really easily? This tends to be a common problem among females. This can happen from repeatedly wetting and drying your nails. Try wearing gloves whilst doing the washing up and using hand cream after your hands come into contact with water.

Iron deficiencies and an overactive thyroid can also contribute to the nails becoming brittle so if these issues are also a concern to you, perhaps check in with the doctor.

Read up on The Surprising Causes & Cures of Brittle Nails here.

Nail Texture: Soft/Weak

Are your nails breaking easily? Bending and snapping off? This can happen if your nails are consistently experiencing aggressive chemicals like detergents or cleaning fluids, or even things like acetone and other harsh nail treatments.

If you’re an acrylic or gel addict, it’s time to allow yourself a break so your nails have a chance of recovering. Lather them in Cel’s Nail Formula to rehydrate and strengthen them directly. Also try upping your biotin, calcium, and iron intake as this will help with the strengthening of your nails.

Nail Texture: Thickness

Nails typically become thicker or thinner with age. If a thickening of the nail occurs alongside a discolouration, you might be looking at an infection so it’s advisable to get a doctor to look at it.

The (Not So) Secret Formula: Combat Unwanted Nail Texture

Cel’s 100% cruelty-free and hypoallergenic Nail Formula is perfect for revitalising the nails from the outside in. It is formulated using ingredients such as Bisabolol which is extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects that help protect and heal the nail from any infection. In addition, the formula is enhanced with Gardenia and Prunus Mume Extract. These organic flower extracts have a soothing effect on the nail bed, and encourage the formation of collagen which increases nail growth. Prunus Mume also boasts impressive anti-aging and antibacterial properties, healing any fungal infections and protecting the nail against further damage. The Nail Formula scientifically formulated to repair and recuperate the nail from any damage.

Simply use the specialised applicator to spread the Nail Formula evenly onto either fingernails or toenails and massage lightly for a few seconds until absorbed.

Final thoughts on changing nail texture...

It might be worth checking in with your diet if you’re worried about your nail health too. When we’re deficient in minerals and vitamins, our nails and hair try to tell us with symptoms like the above or by changing colour...



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