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How To Increase Energy And Motivation

Ways To Increase Energy


If you’re feeling lethargic, groggy and under-productive on a regular basis, you may be looking for natural ways to boost your energy and get your days back on track. Lacking energy and motivation can be further tiring in itself too, leading us into that catch-22 of feeling so tired, you simply can’t be bothered to try.

Beating fatigue doesn’t haven’t to mean a complete overhaul your life though! Following these small steps are a just a few great, natural ways to help increase your energy and motivation, and can help sustain you and your productivity throughout the length of the day!

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Drink Water

So simple, and so effective! We need to stay hydrated to fuel our body, memory, mood and energy levels – our bodies are made up of 55-75% water, you know! You should never ignore when you’re thirsty and try to drink around 2L of water a day, minimum – this is about 8-10 glasses, and should be more if you’re exercising.

And hey, not only will it support in boosting your energy levels, it will help keep your skin supple and eyes bright too!

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Stay Social

Did you know that in areas of the world where there is a high concentration of people who live over 100 years old, one of the correlations is those people having a strong social network/community?

2020 made this difficult for all of us, and being socially isolated may have exacerbated any low feelings or bad moods, and thus reduced our motivation. Take a stand against this and be proactive in arranging walks with a friend/relative, hosting a quiz over webcam, or just calling someone for a chat – it may benefit their mood and energy levels too!

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Up Your Exercise

Moving more can help increase your energy… A totally natural way to boost energy can be simply encouraging blood flow around your body via exercise! Circulating oxygen around the body is not only great for it on a physical level, but can induce a dopamine hit (the happy hormone!), to help elevate your mood!

So, get out for a walk or a run, try an online yoga or pilates class or perhaps a YouTube work out and get your blood (and energy) pumping!

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Improve Your Diet

Good dietary habits not only keep your body in tip top condition for fighting off physical illness, but help keep your energy and motivation levels up, and that sluggish feeling at bay!

Eating foods high in fats and sugar can have a detrimental affect on your energy (as well as your general health), as can skipping meals, excessive consumption of alcohol, and smoking.

Focus on eating balanced meals, 3 times a day with lots of lean meat and protein (e.g. chicken and fish), leafy greens (e.g. kale and spinach) and pulses, and slow release carbohydrates (like couscous, potatoes - not fries! - and oats).

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Get In The Know About Sleep

When you’ve got a lot on, our whirring mind can interrupt our relationship with our sleep. A lack of sleep can result in us feeling lethargic, low and fatigued. But on the flip side of this, so can too much sleep! Perhaps you’re napping in the day or staying in bed for most of the morning?

Well, you need to recalibrate if sleep's an issue for you – aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night, avoiding using a screen around an hour before climbing into bed (the blue light glare can keep your brain whizzing!). Also, avoid napping during the day so you provide lower disruptment to your proper night’s sleep sesh!

Cel Pro Tip: Caffeine has its uses – it can help sharpen your mind, which can be a great energy boost in the morning. However, avoid drinking it after 2pm, as too much in the afternoon can induce insomnia.

How To Increase Energy & Motivation: Get On Top Of Your Stress

Emotional stress consumes so much energy – more than you realise or give yourself credit for! It can also interrupt our sleep patterns and our relationship with our diet which in turn can trap us in a vicious low mood and energy cycle! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to a friend or a specialist about your feelings, try some breathing exercises or yoga to gently ease your mind, and adopt some more self-care practises into your day-to-day.

If you’re really concerned about your lack of energy or your low mood, always reach out to your physician to discuss the problems.


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