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Vitamin B5 For Hair
Vitamin B5 For Hair

Vitamin B5 For Hair? Also Known As Panthenol, Should You Add To Your Routine, Or Leave On The Shelf?


Like with most functions of the body, what we see on the outside, can often be dictated by what’s going on on the inside.

For example, if you think about the times when your skin’s looked worse for wear, or your hair has felt the oiliest, you can often link it to what your body felt like on the inside, right?

Perhaps you were fighting off an illness, or you’d put your body through its paces. However, sometimes when we’ve consumed a little too much fatty food, had too many late nights, or drank alcohol in excess (no judgment, we’ve all been there), your hair and skin show it!

That’s why looking good on the outside starts with caring about what’s inside first and foremost, and this includes getting your recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

But, of course, there will be days where you lack in one or the other - there’s a lot to remember. Sometimes it can be best to take an all-encompassing supplement, or to focus on eating more vitamin-enriched foods.

Everything is affected when you’re missing out on crucial nutrients - your skin, your hair, your sleep quality, and even your mood.

If your hair’s looking a little lacklustre of late, it might be because you’re not getting enough of the vitamins your body needs – and one of these may be Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B5 for hair! What’s great about Vitamin B5 is that it’s quite an easy one to boost because almost all foods contain it!

You can also buy many hair specific products that deliver a targeted, topically applied hit of Vitamin B5, and there are plenty of supplements you can take, too.

So if you’re interested in Vitamin B5 for hair growth, health and stimulation - read on!

Vitamin B5 For Hair, Panthenol For Hair – Why Do We Need It?

You may not know why Vitamin B5 for hair is so important – it may not be a vitamin you know much about at all really! It’s definitely one of the most underrated of the vitamin world!

This is because it’s overshadowed by other, more well-known vitamins, and when Vitamin B5 in relation to hair is mentioned, it’s often called by its other name; panthenol.

This is one of the most popular ingredients in the haircare world… Vitamin B5 for hair has been hiding in plain sight all along!

Panthenol/Vitamin B5 is specifically important for cosmetic improvements because it is an extremely hydrating vitamin - and everyone wants sleek, smooth, moisturised hair!

In addition to this, when applied directly to the hair, it can soak in so deeply that it provides excellent hydrating and nourishing benefits to the scalp too!

All in all, if you’re looking to up your intake of beautifying nutrients, or want to begin utilising products with greater benefits – Vitamin B5 for hair is an excellent starting point.

Panthenol/Vitamin B5 also does many amazing things for the body, as well. For example, Panthenol/Vitamin B5 helps with your skin quality, your digestive system’s functioning, and also assists in converting fatty foods into acid.

When taken correctly, it can also help lower cholesterol, and can be taken to ease symptoms of arthritis.

If you suffer from tiredness, depression, and sleep disorders, these can also be considered signs of a Vitamin B5 deficiency. Getting your daily recommended amount (RDA) of Vitamin B5 is beneficial for hair, as well as many other parts of the body; inside and out!

The RDA of Vitamin B5 is 4 mg for both adult males and females, 5 mg if you’re pregnant and 6 mg if you’re breastfeeding.

Getting More Vitamin B5 For Hair Growth Into Your Diet

As most foods have a trace of Vitamin B5 in them, it can be quite easy to rectify any suspected deficiency you think you may have, or if you just want to increase your daily dose of Vitamin B5 to boost hair growth and health!

Here are a few foods you can eat daily, to ensure you and your hair reap the benefits of Vitamin B5!

  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts
  • Lentils
  • Meat
  • Dairy & egg products

As you can see, plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and meat products are great sources of Vitamin B5!

In fact, the word ‘panthenol’ (Vitamin B5’s other name) comes from the fact it is ‘pantothenic’, which is derived from the Greek word ‘Pantou’ – meaning ‘everywhere’!

The key to health inside and out is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Making sure you limit your intake of unhealthy fats, and ensuring you get plenty of nutrient-filled foods is the best way to ensure you get your daily recommended dose of vitamins.

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If eating more Vitamin B5 enriched foods doesn’t seem to make a difference to your hair and it’s in a really bad way, or you think you may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency, you should speak to your doctor.

Switching Up The Routine; Vitamin B5 for Hair/Panthenol For Hair Products

If you are interested in Vitamin B5 for hair (and who isn’t? It can help promote sleek, smooth, glossy hair! Yes please!), you can also look into switching up your hair care routine.

Looking out for shampoos & conditioning treatments containing panthenol can be just the ticket for moisturised, yet lightweight, bouncy hair.

You can also make positive changes to your hair care routine by switching out heavily chemical-based products, for more natural ones.

By eliminating harmful chemicals – as well as sulphates and parabens – your hair will thank you. Excess chemicals can dry out the hair, causing breakage and split ends, and sulphates and parabens weigh the hair down – which can make hair feel greasy and heavy.

None of Cel’s hair care products contain parabens or sulphates, and we use powerful natural ingredients in all of our formulas, which have been scientifically researched and blended, so you know your hair is in good hands with Cel!

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