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Eyelashes Falling Out? Here Are 6 Potential Reasons Why...

Are your eyelashes falling out? Here are some common reasons and easy fixes.


Are you noticing that your eyelashes are falling at a faster rate than usual? When we’re told that only long and voluminous lashes are worth it, this can be really distressing. Every single branded eyelash makeup targets this desire: thickening, lengthening, luscious. It can feel like a nightmare if they’re falling out!

Firstly, it’s important not to panic as there are several reasons your lashes could be coming loose. Also, they are meant to naturally shed! The normal cycle of an eyelash is typically between 6-10 weeks which matches the cycle length of the hair on your head! This, combined with daily activities like rubbing tired eyes, means it’s perfectly normal to notice 1 to 5 stray eyelashes a day.

However, eyelashes also play an important part in protecting the eye from external debris, so if they’re thinning, weak, and falling out this could leave you vulnerable to infection if external dust and dirt come into contact with the eye itself.

So, what could be causing your lashes to fall?

Eyelashes Falling Out? It Could Be Cosmetic Irritation

If you wear mascara or use eyelash glue and your eyelashes are falling out excessively, you may be allergic to the product.

The Fix: If you suspect it is an allergy, you must stop using the product straight away and invest in an alternative.

Eyelashes Falling Out? You Could Be Applying Your Mascara With Too Much Vigour

Yes, you can apply your mascara too aggressively and your delicate lashes might not be coping.

The Fix: When you go to apply mascara, remove any excess from both ends of the bristles on the brush by discarding it on the end of the inner tube or in a tissue. Look up, place the wand at the base of your upper lashes, and gently wiggle it back and forth which will coat the base. Then, slowly pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, making sure you're coating every part of them as you go. A slow pace is key here!

Eyelashes Falling Out? You May Not Be Changing Your Products Regularly Enough

Still using the mascara you were gifted in your Christmas stocking? Watch out for those germs.

The Fix: It’s time to clean up your act. Never share your make up with anyone or use anybody else’s, (not even your BFF’s!) as this leaves your eyes and lashes vulnerable to infection. Make sure to replace your makeup every 12 weeks as bad bacteria can grow in liquid and creamy makeup formulas. Use makeup brushes and sponges? Change these up regularly too or clean thoroughly a few times a week!

Eyelashes Falling Out? Are You Sleeping In Your Makeup?

Notoriously terrible for your skin and pores, not just your eyelashes.

The Fix: If you leave your eye makeup on for too long it can cause damage to your lashes and speed up their natural shedding cycle! Make sure you’re removing your make up before you go to bed, and definitely not sleeping in it.

Eyelashes Falling Out? You May Be Removing Your Makeup Too Aggressively

If rubbing your eyes when you’re sleepy can make your lashes fall, what do you think rubbing with a wipe’s doing?

The Fix: To make sure you’re avoiding damaging the lashes when removing your makeup, invest in a gentle yet effective eye makeup remover on an organic cotton pad/reusable cotton pad. Your eyes are delicate – harsh scrubbing won’t do them any good!

Eyelashes Falling Out? You May Be Battling A Medical Condition

If none of the above issues ring an alarm bell to you, it might be an underlying health issue you’re contending with. Certain medical conditions can lead to lash shedding. It could be a sign of an over or under-active thyroid, a shift in your hormonal balance, or in extreme cases it could be a symptom of alopecia which is an immune disorder.

This is when cells mistakenly attack the hair follicles although alopecia usually affects the scalp, eyebrows, pubic, arm, and leg hair too.

Read more on alopecia areata here.

The Fix: Check in with your doctor, stat, if you suspect your lash loss could be caused by a medical issue.

Eyelashes Falling Out? It's Time To Fortify Your Lashes

As with many things, what you eat will have an impact. Stock your diet with protein and biotin heavy foods and vital fatty acids. Think nuts, soya beans, eggs, cauliflower, spinach, and oily fish. Good nutrition can completely better your aesthetic as well as your health.

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